Alan R. Houston Associate

Commercial Litigation

Alan grew up in rural Leamington, Utah, before attending what is now Dixie State University.  At Dixie, Alan turned his life-long love of reading and writing into an English major with a literature emphasis.  Somehow, even after a four-year English degree, Alan still enjoyed reading and writing so he attended law school at the University of Utah where he traded novels and short stories for casebooks and legal treatises.


Now, as an associate attorney in Strong & Hanni’s commercial litigation group, Alan gets his fill of reading in the form of business contracts, organizational documents, and statutes and cases regarding all types of business issues.  Alan also has the chance to write extensively in the form of court documents, letters to clients and opposing counsel, and legal memos to other attorneys at the firm.  By doing so, Alan is able to help both businesses and individuals with all phases of the litigation process, from sending or responding to demand letters to presenting the case at trial.  Alan has worked on a wide variety of commercial cases, including ones involving unfair competition, non-compete and non-disclosure agreements, and breach of contract disputes.


In his free time, Alan enjoys reading (that’s not a joke), playing golf, tennis, and all manner of fantasy sports, and spending time with his wife and daughter.




Alan R. Houston