Corporate Finance

Whenever you need help on a tax issue, I hope you will think of me.  I have worked as a tax attorney since 1981 when I went to work for the Office of Chief Counsel, Internal Revenue Service and began litigating cases in the United States Tax Court.  Over the next 34 years I prepared hundreds of cases for trial, settled many and built a winning record in those I litigated.  From 1985 through 2014, I represented the Internal Revenue Service in bankruptcy court after receiving appointment as a Special Assistant United States Attorney.  I worked with the Department of Justice Tax Division as agency counsel or co-counsel on cases involving:  collection, bankruptcy, trust fund, refund, criminal tax, FBAR penalties, and injunctions and penalties against tax promoters and professionals involved in abusive tax schemes.  I provided tax advice and training to IRS employees all over the United States who worked in Examination, Collection and Insolvency Units, the Ogden Service Center, the Reporting Agent Unit, and various special projects.  On many occasions I presented seminars on tax, bankruptcy, receivership and Circular 230 issues.


Now I hope to return to my roots.  I grew up on a dairy farm in southeastern Idaho where I learned to work and enjoy the beauty of nature.  I helped my family in operating a farming business and a farm equipment and dairy equipment dealership.  This taught me to admire men and women of business who take the risks to provide for their families and help their communities grow as they provide jobs for others.  I can help you negotiate the often complicated and extensive tax issues that you face whether as individuals, in public service or in business.  If you have a tax matter and wonder where to go, I can help.

Professional Recognitions & Awards

1992 Director’s Award, Department of Justice, for Superior Performance as a Special Assistant United States Attorney

1998 Western Region, Office of Chief Counsel, IRS, Advisory Attorney of the Year
1998 Office of Chief Counsel, IRS, National Advisory Opinions Award
2002 Office of Chief Counsel, IRS, Special Act Award
2003 Division Counsel, Small Business/Self-Employed, Office of Chief Counsel, IRS, Attorney of the Year 2003 Office of Chief Counsel Award and Chief Counsel Special Act Award

2006 Office of Chief Counsel Attorney Excellence Award — Chief Counsel Fred Goldberg, Jr. Award 2007 Tax Practitioner of the Year, Tax Section, Utah Bar
2008 Silver Beaver Award, Great Salt Lake Council, Boy Scouts of America
2009 IRS Commissioner Award

2012 Office of Chief Counsel, IRS, Chief Counsel K. Martin Worthy Award for Legal Opinions


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Mark H. Howard