R. Jesse Davis Associate


Commercial Litigation

Real Estate


I have significant real estate experience in complex transactional work. I have drafted and negotiated between 50-75 real estate purchase contracts for residential and commercial properties. This includes multiple seven figure transactions. With most of these transactions, I actively participated in the due diligence work including dealing with compliance issues, resolving complex title issue including boundary issues, evictions, adverse possession, and similar quiet title actions. I also have drafted and negotiated multiple commercial and residential leases.

I have worked in a wide range of litigation including real estate disputes, evictions, commercial litigation, bankruptcy, and personal injury. This work includes motion practice (drafting and defending motions), discovery practice including drafting documents, conducting depositions, and appearing in court approximately 50 times sitting first chair in one trial and multiple evidentiary and other hearings, and second-chair in several other hearings.


R. Jesse Davis