Micah B. Johnston Marketing & Business Development Director


Micah takes an unconventional approach to Marketing & Business Development. To say that he thinks “outside the box” would be a cliche that we could live wth. The terrifying truth is that we are not sure that Micah ever knew that boxes existed. His creative approach to everything that he does pushes the legal paradigms that exist in the legal profession. All that being said we couldn’t be happier. As Marketing and Business Development Director, he provides leadership for the firm’s marketing, public relations, business development and client relationship programs and initiatives. Micah work’s directly with firm’s executive management, practice groups and attorneys at both the firm’s Salt Lake City and Sandy, Utah offices.

Micah has over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing and advertising industries. His focuses include legal, banking, real estate and the automotive industry.

Micah B. Johnston