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October 5, 2018

Strong & Hanni Represents Walker Edison in Acquisition

J.W. Childs Associates, L.P. (“J.W. Childs”), a private equity firm focused on operational value creation in middle-market growth companies, is pleased to announced that it acquired Walker Edison, a leading supplier of innovative, affordable home furnishings to global e-commerce platforms, from ... Read more
July 20, 2018

Unanimous Verdict For The Defense

Attorneys Sadé Turner and Nicholas Bender recently obtained a defense verdict on an underinsured motorist benefits breach of contract lawsuit against an insurance company involving a serious foot injury.  In a matter tried in the Third Judicial District, the plaintiff sought only general damages and heavily emphasized to the complicated nature of the foot injury, which required 5 surgeries to correct and rehabilitation periods after each surger... Read more
February 15, 2018


Pete Barlow and Andy Day represented an expert skier after he was sued for his involvement in a skiing accident with another expert skier at a local resort. During the four-day trial, the jury was presented with multiple accounts of the accident, eyewitness testimony, and biomechanical analysis of the collision. After the close of evidence and arguments, the jury issued the unanimous verdict in favor of our client, “no cause of action.”... Read more
January 31, 2018

What the #MeToo Movement Means for Businesses

S&H Utah Employment Law Letter What the #MeToo Movement Means for Businesses By: Jessica Johnston If you have been paying attention at all to the news lately, then you have heard about the #MeToo Movement. For those who haven’t, or are unsure what it meant when all of Hollywood decided to wear black to the Golden Globes, the #MeToo movement started as a two-word hashtag on social media, used to help demonstrate the widespread... Read more
September 29, 2017

Mike Stanger and Zach Shields Help Oppressed Member of Limited Liability Company Vindicate Her Rights

Mike Stanger and Zach Shields Help Oppressed Member of Limited Liability Company Vindicate Her Rights Dianne Nelson sued the manager of H&N Holdings, LLC (H&N), a limited liability company in which she held a 50% interest.  She also sued H&N itself, and the company’s other 50% member.  When H&N and the other member elected to purchase Dianne’s interest in H&N, a five-day valuation hearing was held.  Strong & Hann... Read more
September 1, 2017

Law student Taylor Webb named recipient of the inaugural Glenn C. and Bruhneild R.Hanni Scholarship

Taylor Webb grew up in a family whose career backgrounds were predominately geared toward the medical field, but the Las Vegas native always felt more at home in a courtroom setting. She participated in mock trial while in high school in Nevada and when the time came to choose a college, moving to neighboring state Utah seemed like a good fit. Her father and grandfather were both former Utes and Webb liked the atmosphere of the campus as well as... Read more
July 18, 2017

Strong & Hanni’s Michael Stahler Becomes Chair of the Utah State Bar’s Litigation Section

Strong & Hanni’s Michael Stahler Becomes Chair of the Utah State Bar’s Litigation Section   On July 1st, Michael Stahler became Chair of the Litigation Section of the Utah State Bar for the 2017-2018 year.  The Litigation Section is the largest Section of the Utah State Bar. Stahler is a Shareholder of Strong & Hanni and has been in practice since 2008.  Though Stahler specializes in defending parties in civil litigation, ... Read more
June 29, 2017

The Utah Court of Appeals recently ruled unanimously in favor of Strong & Hanni

The Utah Court of Appeals recently ruled unanimously in favor of Strong & Hanni appellate attorney, Spencer Brown, in the case of Specht v. Big Water Town, 2017 UT App 75. In that case, the Court addressed issues regarding whether the decision of a local government to grant a variance to one lot owner in the face of an objection by another lot owner was legal. It also addressed whether a single lot owner had standing to contest land use deci... Read more
January 19, 2017


Strong & Hanni Law Firm is proud to announce that 17 attorneys have been named as 2017 Utah Super Lawyers, Rising Stars & Utah Legal Elite. These designations, conferred upon the most respected legal practitioners in the state, is based upon peer recognition and professional achievement. No more than five percent of the lawyers in each state are selected by the research team to receive these honors.  The selection process includes indep... Read more
December 7, 2016

An Update on Utah’s Antidiscrimination & Religious Liberty Bill

An Update on Utah’s Antidiscrimination & Religious Liberty bill   In 2015, Utah was heralded as successfully enacting a “monumental” state bill to strike some sort of balance between religious groups and members of the LGBTQ community in regards to employment. The bill, signed into law in May 2015, provides certain employment protections for a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. These protected classes were adde... Read more
November 16, 2016

William Ingram and Alan Houston obtain favorable verdict in breach of contract case

Strong & Hanni represented Dr. Aaron Barson in a breach of contract action against a supplement manufacturer, its owner, and its successor company.  Dr. Barson claimed that the supplement manufacturer had breached a royalty agreement it had with him, and that the owner and successor company were also liable for that breach.  After a three-day jury trial, the jury determined that the manufacturer had breached Dr. Barson’s royalty agreement... Read more