Aviation Law

Strong and Hanni’s Aviation Group has substantial experience in representing aircraft manufacturers, owners, and pilots in civil litigation and mediation. We deal with the unique issues which arise in aviation claims and insurance coverage and offer broad trial experience and knowledge of state and local courts and judges.
Roger Bullock, with over thirty years of experience and a veteran of numerous jury trials in federal and state courts, heads this area of Aviation Law for the firm. His team includes attorneys, legal assistants, and staff with specialized skills to save time and money and get results.


We have dealt with cases involving challenging issues including:

Witness contact and evidence preservation
Identification and development of expert witness opinions
Metallurgy evaluation and fracture analysis
Design of aircraft and component parts
Insurance coverage issues unique to aviation claims
Coordination with federal agencies for investigation and evidence
Application of federal aviation statutes and regulations
Preemption under international law and treaties
Complex civil procedure such as removal, venue, jurisdiction, and conflict of laws

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