Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law

Strong & Hanni’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law Group has more than 70 years in experience in advising clients concerning the intricacies of Federal Bankruptcy Law and Utah State Law issues concerning avoidable transfers, receiverships and other insolvency issues. The Group has in the past been responsible for cases involving hundreds of millions of dollars, including Bonneville Pacific Corp. (served as both the Chapter 11 Trustee and General Counsel for the Trustee) and Geneva Steel (served as local counsel for consortium of secured lenders).


Bankruptcy Mediation

Mediation of insolvency disputes should be encouraged as in most instances the mediation is successful resulting in a prompt resolution and the saving of material fees and costs. Vern Hopkinson has successfully mediated several Bankruptcy Law Disputes and has more than 33 years’ experience in the bankruptcy law arena; his mediation practice is limited only to bankruptcy or insolvency issues.


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