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Joseph’s experience covers a broad range of areas: intellectual property – patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, licensing, transactions, e.g., SaaS agreements, E-commerce (e.g., Amazon) intellectual property enforcement, business/contract disputes, and commercial litigation. Joseph has worked for a three-attorney law firm in Draper, Utah and a six-hundred-attorney law firm in Los Angeles, California. He understands different clients, different needs, and different solutions. With this experience, Joseph is able to counsel clients of any size on what approach makes sense for each set of unique circumstances.

Joseph has prosecuted and litigated patents in a wide range of technologies including medical devices, wireless networking, software, exercise equipment, fuel additives, automobile traffic sensing and management, laser surgery, and more. Joseph also counsels on obtaining trademark and copyright protection and resolving trademark and copyright disputes. He also negotiates, drafts, and counsels on intellectual property licensing agreements, and prepares legal opinions for intellectual property matters. Additionally, Joseph is experienced with enforcing intellectual property rights on the Internet (e.g., domain name disputes and e-commerce) disputes, and also protecting against others’ efforts to enforce against you.

In addition to intellectual property, Joseph is an experienced litigator in contractual and other disputes. He has litigated intellectual property, contract, business disputes, and other issues in small claims court, state court, and federal district court.

Before attending law school, Joseph worked as a software engineer and also as a network protocol/technology analyst for the National Security Agency in San Antonio, Texas. Prior to joining the firm, Joseph was a patent litigation associate at Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati in Los Angeles, California. On the side, Joseph has invented, developed, manufactured, and marketed his own products and devices. He enjoys mountain biking, skiing, gardening, construction projects, cooking, and reading.


Professional Associations & Memberships

Member, J. Reuben Clark Law Society
Member, American Intellectual Property Law Association


Representative Litigation Matters

Diesel S.p.A.; Diesel U.S.A., Inc. v. Diesel Power Gear, LLC (M.D.N.Y.) (represented seller of diesel trucks and related gear against large Italian clothing company in trademark litigation over DIESEL POWER GEAR)

Fatboy the Original B.V.; Fatboy USA, LLC v. LDS Man; Summit Bourne Limited Company;, LLC (D. Utah) (represented online retailer in copyright and patent litigation over inflatable lounge chairs)

Dish Network L.L.C. et al. v. Set Broadcast LLC et al. (C.D. Fla.) (represented Internet television provider in copyright litigation with satellite television service)

Amazon Content Services, LLC; Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc.; Disney Enterprises, Inc.; Netflix Studios, LLC et al. v. Set Broadcast LLC et al. (C.D. Cal.) (represented Internet television provider in copyright litigation with content owners)White Knuckle IP, LLC v. Electronic Arts, No. 1:15-cv-36 (D. Utah) (represented patentee in infringement action for video game technology)

SyncPoint Imaging, LLC v. Nintendo of America Inc. et al., No. 2:15-cv-247 (E.D. Tex.) (represented patent holder in infringement action against Nintendo)

ATEN Int’l Co, Ltd. v. Uniclass Tech. Co., Ltd., No. 2:15-cv-4424 (C.D. Cal.) (represented accused infringer of patents relating to keyboard-video-mouse switches)

My Health, Inc. v. Alere, Inc. et al., No. 2:14-cv-652 (E.D. Tex.) (represented patentee in infringement action regarding remote health monitoring technology)

PetAware, LLC v. Premier Pet Products, LLC et al., No. 2:14-cv-656 (E.D. Tex.) (represented patentee in infringement action regarding electronic marketing technology)

InterDigital, Inc. v. Samsung et al., ITC Inv. No. 337-TA-868 (ITC) (represented holder of standards essential wireless phone patents in ITC 337 action against Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, and Nokia)

Parallel Networks, LLC v. F5 Networks, Inc., No. 1:13-cv-2001 (D. Del.) (defended manufacturer of switching hardware and software against patent litigation claims)

WaveTronix LLC v. Smart Microwave Sensors GMBH, No. 2:13-cv-702 (W.D. Pa.) (represented manufacturer of traffic sensors in asserting patents against foreign competitor)

Icon Health and Fitness v. Johnson Health Tech, No. 10-cv-209 (D. Utah) (represented patentee in infringement action against competitor for exercise equipment technology)

Lodsys, LLC v. Novell, Inc., No. 2:11-cv-90 (E.D. Tex.) (defended Novell against patent infringement)

Tranxition v. Novell, No. 3-12-cv-1404 (D. Or.) (defended Novell against patent infringement)

Bascom v. Novell, No. cv-12-1113 (E.D. Va.) (defended Novell against patent infringement)

Softvault v. Novell, No. cv-12-5541 (N.D. Cal.) (defended Novell against patent infringement)

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  • Intellectual Property (Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Licensing, other intellectual property transactions)

  • E-Commerce Enforcement (Amazon trademark, patent, and copyright enforcement, etc.)

  • Business/Contract Disputes

  • General Litigation