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Kathryn arrived in Utah from Indiana in 2005. She didn’t know a soul in the state. But that soon changed as she fell in love with Utah, its people, and its natural beauty. She has never looked back. Her passion for outdoor adventure drew her here. And it was that passion that gave her an interest in the law. She saw that too many lawsuits against outdoor recreation providers were threatening to destroy the industry. She wanted to defend those companies so that future generations could enjoy the mountains, rivers, canyons, and forests that she loves so much.

Kathryn understands that clients don’t want to be in court at all. One of her strengths is getting cases dismissed on motions for summary judgment when possible. But she’s not afraid of taking a case through trial when that’s what she needs to do. She is an experienced trial attorney in State and Federal court. She specializes in defending all sorts of businesses from liability claims. She also has experience in trucking cases and other transportation litigation.

Everyone knows that Kathryn doesn’t sugarcoat the truth. She tells it like it is. She could be described as outspoken, but her directness is always coupled with a smile and her warm, friendly nature. It’s important to her that her clients move through a case with eyes wide open. So she always keeps them up to date on the status of the case, it’s strengths, and weaknesses. One of Kathryn’s weaknesses is an almost irresistible urge to correct improper grammar. She’s trying hard to limit this behavior to legal writing only.

Kathryn spends her time outside of court exploring Utah with her husband and daughters. She also has a passion for landscape photography. She may also be found watching Pride and Prejudice for the umpteenth time while knitting something pretty.


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Utah Defenses Lawyers Association Vice President
Defense Research Institute

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