SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – I have blogged a lot about the ERC and potential risks and problems associated with the ERC and unscrupulous third-party tax credit preparers.  The IRS sent out a notice informing taxpayers that the IRS is entering into a new phase of ERC work and audits. See:

Ever since the ERC became widely available, there has been a boom in third-party preparers making overly promising claims about businesses’ eligibility for the ERC credit and leading taxpayers to claim credits that they may not have been eligible for.  Starting in September of this year, we will see the IRS step up its auditing of taxpayers who have made ERC claims.

The problems taxpayers will see if they are audited is that most third-party preparers will not step in to defend the taxpayer, and the taxpayer will have to defend its ERC claims on its own.  If the taxpayer is not eligible for a certain quarter, the taxpayer could be looking at both civil as well as criminal problems.  This is where we step in, we can review your ERC claim and help you prepare for a potential ERC audit so that the IRS will not catch you off guard.

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