Tax Problems are Legal Problems.  We solve both.

“I OWE BACK TAXES!”  This is usually the phrase we hear when a new client calls.  Resolving tax issues is sort of what we do.

Accountants are usually the first professional who taxpayers turn to when seeking help with anything to do with the IRS.  It is our experience that usually the CPA, Enrolled Agent or unenrolled preparer does not have the experience to help his or her client, or worse, they think they do when they really do not and end up doing more harm than good.  Why is this?  The truth is that the accountant simply does not understand either the IRS collection process or how to resolve an outstanding tax debt.  It is not what they do, and most accounting programs do not teach tax resolution.

Frankly, law schools do not teach tax resolution.  To learn about this, I went to Georgetown University Law Center and earned a Master of Law in Taxation and I attend and participate in numerous continuing legal education courses each year – in what you may ask?  You guessed it tax resolution.

To assist taxpayers in resolving their outstanding tax debt, the tax professional needs to understand the following:

  1. The IRS Collection Process – we will be addressing this in the next few Blogs.
  2. The role of the IRS financial guidelines.
  3. Collection Alternatives.
  4. Criminal Tax Representation and the criminal aspects of a failure to pay taxes.

In our next Blog we will discuss how the IRS collection process works. If you or someone you know has tax problems, feel free to reach out and contact us. (801) 532-7080 – ask for Kent.