My daughter-in-law is taking a personal financial course in college.  As part of the personal finance class, the professor discussed taxes.  Above is a slide of a popular meme that he shared with the class.

I had a good laugh at the humor of her college professor.  Why was it so funny? Because it is so true!  As I mentioned in my last post, most of my work is in Elder Law, Estate Planning and Tax Representation. In my tax practice I focus on the following:

  • Non-Filers;
  • Audit;
  • IRS Collection;
  • Challenging Tax Debt;
  • Payroll Problems; and
  • Innocent Spouse Relief matters

If you or someone you love has not guessed the same number as the Internal Revenue Service, then you need a plan and you need to work with someone who can obtain the best result! Tax problems are legal problems, and we solve both. If you or someone you know needs tax help, call us at (801) 532-7080 – ask for Kent.