Congratulations to Paul Belnap and Spencer Brown, who prevailed at a four-day jury trial on behalf of a homeowner against a public water district. Ten years ago, the homeowner asked Paul to represent him against the water district. He had added some nice features to his back yard—a deck, some rock walls, a water feature, and a shed—and the water district demanded that he remove them because, it claimed, they interfered with its easement for its underground water pipeline.

After two appeals, including one that confirmed that the water district’s regulations were unenforceable, the case finally went to trial. Paul and Spencer convinced the jury that none of the homeowner’s improvements unreasonably interfered with the water district’s ability to repair, rehabilitate, or replace its pipeline. Their client can keep all of his improvements in place and enjoy his back yard.

This trial is significant for Paul. After stellar 40+ year legal career, he is nearing retirement and this may be his last trial. One last time, he was able to put on display all the skills that have earned him his reputation as one of the finest trial lawyers in Utah. And he can go out with a win.