SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Twice a week – and sometimes more – I write this blog to provide readers with advice about what I think is helpful for those taxpayers who have tax problems.  Today’s blog is different, here is why – what I have learned over the last two decades is that most people don’t care about where I went to school, unless there is a college football rivalry involved, or how much we have saved taxpayers in resolving their tax debt problems with the IRS.  What I have found is that taxpayers, who are in trouble with the IRS, want answers, and they want answers now.

I have also found that when I post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Activerain, my firm website blog, etc. taxpayers, who have tax problems, do not comment.  Why you may ask? No one, and I mean no one, wants their family, friends, neighbors or employer to know that they are being pursued by the IRS for unpaid taxes.

So, today, I am asking you to help me answer the following question:


Having done this work for a while, here are a few questions taxpayers want answers too:

  • Will I lose my home?
  • Will the IRS garnish my wages?
  • Will the IRS take my car?
  • Will I have enough money to feed my family?
  • Will my employer know?

Don’t think that tax problems are problems for the poor.  It is my experience that most nonfilers are people who are upper middle class or higher.  I have also found that most individuals with tax problems are small business owners who are running a profitable business, but are using their business as their personal bank account and not reporting benefits received by the taxpayer to the IRS.

Here is a favor that I am asking of my readers, please send me a private email, go to my personal webpage – see link below, go to my Facebook page, or on LinkedIn and message me directly, let me know what your biggest fears are when it comes to the IRS.  Once I receive responses, I will write what lawyers call a “White Paper” to answer the top 10 questions I receive, and I will post those answers on my personal webpage and also share a link to anyone who wants answers to these questions.

If you know someone who has tax problems we can help end their IRS nightmares.  Please contact me either by phone at: (801) 323-2112 or email at: or go to my personal webpage at: