Diversity Commitment


OBJECTIVE:  To reaffirm and maintain a continuing goal to develop and promote a diverse citizenship within our firm by encouraging an inclusive workforce and consciously prohibiting discrimination or intolerance in any form against race, religion, gender, age, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.  We strive to hire, retain, and promote women and minority attorneys, and provide those attorneys with opportunities within firm management, committees and practice groups.  We will also encourage all our attorneys to join networking and support organizations and to create affinity or common interest groups.


  1. Strong & Hanni continues the recruitment of minority employees in both attorney and staff positions.
  2. Require annual mandatory meetings regarding equal employments, anti-discrimination, anti-harassment, and diversity training for all of our attorneys and staff.
  3. Continue the inclusion of minority personnel in firm committees, activities and practice areas.
  4. We develop relationships with businesses owned by women and minorities.
  5. Strong & Hanni encourages the support and participation in the Utah Minority Bar Association and Women Lawyers of Utah Association.
  6. We actively seek lateral hires and practice group acquisition of women and minority attorneys.
  7. We encourage participation by attorneys in non-legal organizations supportive of women and minorities.
  8. We promote business relationships with women and minority vendors in legal and non-legal services.
  9. Strong & Hanni has yearly continuing education on culturally significant holidays honoring minorities for attorneys and staff.
  10. We highlight firm involvement with events promoting women and minorities within the firm as well as existing and potential clients. Include firm commitment to diversity on the firm website.
  11. We developed internal firm employment policies that promote the retention of female attorneys.
  12. We have formed a committee to proactively foster retention and advancement of female attorneys.