Bankruptcy & Creditor’s Rights


Strong & Hanni’s Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights Practice Group provides a full array of legal services in matters ranging from complex bankruptcy cases to the most vexing collection cases.  The Group uses sound judgment, experience, and expertise to advise and represent clients in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible.

Strong and Hanni’s creditor’s rights attorneys regularly represent lenders, vendors, landlords, and others seeking to enforce contract rights or recover money or property.  They have experience in matters ranging from the most sophisticated commercial transactions to disputes where there is no written agreement at all.  They have handled rent collection and eviction matters, claims on personal guarantees, actions to recover collateral, foreclosure of trust deeds, collection of open accounts, claims to enforce HOA agreements, and an endless variety of related commercial matters.  Where necessary, they pursue claims against third parties for successor liability, alter ego, piercing of the corporate veil, fraudulent transfer, or constructive trust.  Because of their expertise with Utah’s post-judgment remedies, Strong & Hanni creditor’s rights attorneys are regularly engaged to domesticate and collect out-of-state judgments.

Strong & Hanni’s bankruptcy attorneys are experts in navigating the complex and often frustrating world of insolvency law.  The Group regularly represents creditors, debtors, trustees and committees in federal bankruptcy cases and other insolvency proceedings.

Strong & Hanni attorneys regularly counsel with companies and individuals seeking relief from the effects of financial distress.  Whether for large corporations, small businesses, or individuals, Strong & Hanni attorneys have the experience to provide solutions ranging from filing bankruptcy to out-of-court workouts.  They regularly defend parties who have been sued in bankruptcy court, including those who have been sued for the recovery of preferences, fraudulent transfers, or post-petition transfers.

Strong and Hanni also provides a full array of services for creditors, including financial institutions, seeking to protect their rights in bankruptcy cases.  We regularly file motions for relief from the automatic stay, seek abandonment of collateral, move for approval of administrative claims, file and defend proofs of claim, and pursue actions to determine that debts are not dischargeable.

With over 100 years of collective experience in the area and backed by the resources of one of Utah’s leading law firms, Strong & Hanni’s Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights Practice Group is well suited to face any challenge that may be presented.