Aviation Defense


Strong & Hanni’s Aviation Group represents aircraft manufacturers, owners, pilots, and maintenance facilities in civil litigation and in investigations and disciplinary actions by the FAA and NTSB. We also assist clients in the purchase and sale of aircraft.

Because aviation litigation meets at the intersection of state common law and federal regulations, clients need litigators experienced in Utah courts who are also well versed in the Federal Aviation Regulations, the ever-changing world of Advisory Circulars, and the industry itself. That is what we offer. Spencer Brown, the leader of this group, is an experienced litigator who has handled more than twenty complex aviation accident cases in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. He leans on his Of Counsel mentor, Roger Bullock, who has over forty years of experience in aviation law. The team consists of several other expert trial attorneys.

Our experience allows us to get involved early, work with the FAA and NTSB to obtain the necessary information, and use our relationships with the best expert witnesses in the industry to obtain the best possible results for our clients.