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Salt Lake City, Utah – I sent out a blog earlier today about how much the IRS has been posting as of late. Since it is tax season the IRS offers helpful hints to taxpayers. Here is its most recent post that I have received from the IRS. See about the IRS’s Interactive Tax Assistant.

So, the big question for me is whether or not the Interactive Tax Assistant can point you in the right direction. I am currently working on a book. The title of the book is: The Five Mistakes Taxpayers Make in Resolving Their Tax Controversies with the IRS!

Mistake No. 5 is: Thinking the People at the IRS are Experts.

It has been my experience that most individuals you deal with at the IRS are not experts. Think about it, if you were to call the middle school that your child attends and if you were to ask what class your child is in at the time you called, and then you asked what topic your child is being taught today, do you think that individual will know. No, the individual may give some general overview, but the person doesn’t know, nor do you expect them too.

The IRS is no different.

Remember, tax problems are legal problems, and we solve both. If you or someone you know has an issue with paying their federal taxes or is having difficulties with the State Tax Commission, and the taxpayer needs help to end this IRS nightmare, please contact us by either phone at (801) 323-2112 or email at: