Established over 30 years ago, Strong & Hanni’s Business, Real Estate, Securities, Tax, and Estate Planning Group provides a wide range of business and personal legal services, representing public and private companies and individuals. We know that individuals and business clients appreciate a full-service law firm that is experienced in providing a wide scope of services in the areas of general business consulting, litigation, contracts, regulation and transactions, mergers and acquisitions, business succession, securities issues, tax, real estate, estate planning, probate and trust administration, and elder law issues.

Our Group represents many businesses which we initially helped to form. We have watched them grow and have assisted them in developing into successful small and large enterprises. We appreciate the opportunity to provide comprehensive legal services on an ongoing basis and are proud of the contributions we have made to the success of our business clientele. Our Group also represents numerous individuals whom we have assisted in tax matters, estate and asset protection planning, wills and trusts, real estate transactions, and business formation.

We realize that your legal and business needs can best be served by our taking the time to understand the unique nature of your business, personal and family circumstances, goals, concerns, and objectives. We are committed to providing prompt, reliable, and competent legal services.